Word of advice: PHP authentication against LDAP service

Goal: Use LDAP and PHP to authenticate with Active Directory. Prerequisites: PHP LDAP extension, Working knowledge of PHP. Many times in enterprise environments you already have an active directory server and all the users you would ever want to access something have an account there. GitHub - anthony-b/simple-php-LDAP-Authentication: This is Sep 17, 2015 authentication - How to authenticate with LDAP using PHP Browse other questions tagged php authentication active-directory ldap or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog More than Q&A: How the Stack Overflow team uses Stack Overflow for Teams LDAP Authentication « PHP recipes « ActiveState Code LDAP authentication with PHP and Active Directory. There's a couple of ways to do it. You can add LDAP support to your PHP installation or try other apache modules like mod_auth_ldap. Probably the most flexible is to compile LDAP support into PHP.

Aug 08, 2018

AuthLdap is a LDAP authentication and user management class for PHP. It provides a mechanism for easily authenticating users against an LDAP database, as well as extracting information, changing passwords and the like. It's not intended to be a full-blown all singing, all dancing LDAP access class - rather, it performs a few basic, frequently used functions. Updated: How to Connect Securely to LDAP using PHP Mar 01, 2006 PHP on Linux authenticate users with a Windows Server

Sep 30, 2011

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