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How to Fix: OpenVPN SMB Not Working; Can't Resolve Names Note that the 'TAP virtual ethernet adapters' work for either TUN or TAP configurations. Resolving Other UNC Paths on the Home Network Remotely. It's worth noting that you won't be able to resolve UNC paths to other Windows machines on your home network when using the VPN from the laptop's desktop. How to Fix OpenVPN TAP Driver Problems on Windows 8 The short version of this problem is that your TUN/TAP interface doesn’t come up when you try to make an OpenVPN connection. You can check the logs on your VPN client to see if this is the issue you’re having. Check your log file for a line like this: Route: Waiting for TUN/TAP interface to come up…

Mar 30, 2011

network - OpenVPN Tap vs Tun Mode - Information Security TAP is basically at Ethernet level (layer 2) and acts like a switch where as TUN works at network level (layer 3) and routes packets on the VPN. TAP is bridging whereas TUN is routing. From the OpenVPN Wiki: TAP benefits: behaves like a real network adapter (except it is a virtual network adapter)

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Nov 08, 2018 · Click ADVANCED > Advanced Setup > VPN Service. Select Enable VPN Service and click Apply. Click For Smart Phone to download the OpenVPN configuration package. Note: Make sure TUN/TAP port numbers are not the same when using both PC and smartphone for openVPN. Default values: TUN mode - 12973 (for smartphone) TAP mode – 12974 (for PC)