Native packages will be generated using tools on the target platform. For Windows, there is an additional tool that developers will need to install if they want to generate native packages: Wix, a third-party tool, is required to generate msi or exe packages

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Pass Properties to MsiPackage from Bundle. – FireGiant

WiX MSI The WiX MSI target builds.msi files, which are "traditional" Windows installer files. Please note we recommend using the Squirrel.Windows target over using this one.

WiX is a language (XML/XSD) that serves as a way of authoring (compiling) Windows Installer (.MSI) databases. WiX doesn't install anything, MSI does. I maintain an open source project called IsWiX. The concept is simple. IsWiX provides additional WiX project templates (scaffolding) and graphical designers to assist you in creating installer.

How to Install WiX | A Concise Guide And Easy Steps to How to install WiX on Windows. WIX stands for windows installer XML is a toolset which supports a building of Windows Installation packages from the source code which is in XML files.WIX supports command line also so that developers can integrate command line into build process for building MSI and MSM packages for Windows environment. Windows Installer - Wikipedia When an MSI-based program is launched, Windows Installer checks the existence of key paths. If there is a mismatch between the current system state and the value specified in the MSI package (e.g., a key file is missing), the related feature is re-installed. This process is known as self-healing or self-repair. No two components should use the Create a MSI/Setup package for C# with WiX Toolset - YouTube May 15, 2016 Noser Blog How to create a MSI installer using the WiX