option on the internet explorer "automatic detection of the connection" it work fine. But i want the dhcp server push this information in all the internet explorer of my workstation. (about 2000 workstation) I read about the option 252 that can do that . I setup on my dhcp subnet new option 252 like explain on novell and windows tid with the

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) can be configured either on a server or on the router. In many cases, the main site DHCP server may already have the correct scope and configuration for option 176 or 242 as needed. device(config-dhcp-cabo)# option 242 mcipadd mcport 1719 Enter the option command followed by the supported parameters. The parameters you can add for IP telephony voice are mcipadd , mcport , httpsrvr , l2qaud , l2qsig , l2qvlan , tftpsrvr , tlssrvr , and vlantest . 242 16xxOptions MCIPADD=,MCPORT=1719,HTTPSERVER= NOTE: This assumes you're using the same VLAN for voice and data. Open DHCP / Expand DHCP Server; Right click on IPv4; Click "Set Predefined Options" Click Add; Use these values for the Option Type: Click OK to Create the Option. Jun 10, 2013 · Options 176 and 242 are common to all Avaya IP telephones and this method would work equally well for phones connected back the an Avaya Aura or Avaya Communication Manager (aka ACM or CM) 1. Open the DHCP MMC under Control Panel>Administrative Tools>DHCP. 2. Diffserv code point for VoIP signalling and media streams. 135. HTTP Proxy For Phone Applications

I have a Cisco TMS and tens of systems getting their IP-addresses from a DHCP server. I know that the DHCP server can be set up to provide the TMS address automatically (option 242). The DHCP servers I'm using are on Windows server 2008 R2. I have only found instructions for setting the TMS option up for Windows server 2003 based systems.

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Nov 04, 2011 Avaya and Pfsense require DHCP options 242 and 176 I need some help with DHCP flags. I haven't used Pfsense as a DHCP server with flags in the past. From what I have read the Avaya is programmed by the PBX using DHCP options 242 and 176. I don't see any option codes in the DHCP server settings and I can't find any documentation relating to … How to Configure DHCP Option 2 (Time Offset) in the RESOLUTION: To configure DHCP Option objects, perform the following steps: Login to the SonicWall Mangement GUI; Navigate to the Network | DHCP Server page.; Click on the Advanced button alonside the Enable DHCP Server check-box.Note: In Gen4 devices the Option Objects button is under DHCP Server Lease Scopes.Although the screenshots in the KB article are of a Gen4 NSA device, the options are DHCP Options for avaya - Infoblox Experts Community